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Blackberry & nectarine frangipane tart

Blackberries and frangipane are a timeless tart combo though I did manage to resist sprinkling the surface with flaked almonds! I made mine dairy free, using Flora Plant Butter in place of regular butter and was very pleased with the crisp shortcrust it made.

My frangipane started to soften as soon as spooned it into the warm pastry case so if you've got time, I'd recommend baking the case first and giving it time to cool before adding the filling.

Prepare: 30 minutes, plus chilling

Cook: 1 hour

Serves: 10

100g chilled butter or plant-based alternative, diced

200g plain flour, plus extra, for dusting

1/2 tsp fine salt

1 - 2 tbsp iced water

For the filling

150g butter or plant-based alternative, at room temperature

150g caster sugar, plus extra for sprinkling

3 eggs, at room temperature

150g ground almonds

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

150g blackberries

1 nectarine, stoned and thinly sliced

icing sugar, for dusting

1 Rub the butter into the flour until it forms very fine crumbs then stir in the salt and water. Bring it together lightly to form a dough. Roll out thinly, using as little extra flour as possible and us to line a 23cm fluted tart tin. Chill for at least 30 minutes.

2 Heat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4. Prick the base of the case with a fork then line with greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans. Bake for 15 minutes, remove the beans for the last 5, until the pastry is set. If you have time, leave to case to cool a little.

3 Whisk together the butter and sugar then whisk in the eggs, almonds and vanilla. Spoon into the pastry case.

4 Scatter the fruit over the top - don't go to great lengths to arrange it as it will sink as the filling rises. Sprinkle over a little sugar and bake for 45 minutes until just set - keep an eye on it and cover with foll if it starts to get too dark.

5 Carefully lift out of the tin and leave to cool for as long as you can before cutting (we ate most of it warm and soft as my family were hassling me but the texture is best at room temperature) - dust with a little icing sugar before serving.

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