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is an inspirational and innovative food writer, stylist and presenter. With over 30 years experience, she specialises in creating simple and achievable recipes that anyone can cook at home.

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Family Food

Silvana’s best book to date, this is a selection of her all-time favourite recipes all of which she still cooks for her family today. Especially the boiled ham in fragrant broth with sticky rice. And the cheesecake. And the treacle tart.

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The Best

The BBC book to accompany primetime series television programme, The Best, featuring all the recipes from the show and co-written by Ben O’Donoghue and Paul Merrett

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The Really Useful Student Cookbook

This best seller is a combination of Silvana’s first two ‘Really Useful’ books - the original edition was written while she was a young student and has been reprinted many times since

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Natural born fillers

Quick, easy and wholesome recipes

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From how to make the perfect dough and pizza sauce to recipes for classic pizzas and focaccia through to strawberry pizza for pudding - a beautiful and useful guide to creating perfect pizzas

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In the same collection as Pizza, this book illustrates how easy it is to make fresh and filled pasta at home as well as recipes for classic sauces, bubbling pasta bakes and everyday suppers that are on the table in minutes.

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The Hi Lo Cookbook

A collection of 60 healthy Eating recipes from the UKTV Food series hosted by Silvana, The Hi Lo Club

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"Can't Cook, Won't Cook" Leaves Home

Student spin-off book of recipes written by Silvana for the cult BBC series Can’t Cook Won’t Cook 

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